"Sensing Resin" between layer

My print automatically paused for very long time, and there was a message that the printer saying “SENSING RESIN” . It just kept sensing resin for almost 20 minutes. I didn’t know what to do so I decided to pause the print and resumed again. Now the printer starts to print again, but there is an almost 5-10 seconds pause for sensing resin every layers. What is going on?

you may have one of the printers that was incorrectly assembled.

Contact support, or search this forum for a White Paper they put out describing how to adjust the mounting screws of the resin sensor plate.
They require an odd sized allen wrench and two of them are pretty hard to reach- you’ll need to protect the glass optical bay window.

The 4 screws holding the sensor plate on need to be loosened, and then re-tightened to a less tight degree, to stop the faulty resin sensor readings.

there are instructions posted somewhere on this forum- or you can contact Formlabs support

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