Form2 get stuck at sensing resin

Hello! Form2 get stuck at sensing resin process about 2-3 hours.
tank is full, cartridge low
what to do?This text will be hidden
We don’t wanna lose printing result.

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Maybe it’s stuck in a software loop of something ? Is the screen responsive when you press the Info or Back button ?

Anyway, sounds like a bug… only thing I’d try is to pause the print, stir the resin in the tank, make sure there’s no resin outside the tank on the side that faces the back of the printer, and then hit resume. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to abort.

I would try to clean the side of the tank where the resin sensor is located and scrape the sides of the tank on he inside as well. I have had this happen before and this helped resolve it one of the times. On another occasion I had to clear the resin sensor as well to resolve the issue.


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