"Sensing Resin" Taking Forever - how long does this last?

I usually see this message when I print, but it usually continues to print after a few minutes. It’s been a few hours now. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, how can I get the print to continue?

I have had this happen before as well. I ended up cleaning the side of the tank where the resin sensor is located and the resin sensor itself . Try cleaning just the side of the tank first to see if it works then perhaps try cleaning the sensor. Do this at your own risk. I would ask the support team what they recommend if cleaning the side of the tanks doesn’t fix it.


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A few hours is atypical, and this should either timeout or resume after a few minutes like you typically see. How much resin is left in the cartridge? You might try removing and re-inserting the cartridge as well as the tank (just enough so that it detects 'tank removed) to see if that corrects this. If that doesn’t seem to work, get in touch with our support team so we can troubleshoot further with you.

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