Resin out notification

I started a print at 10:28. I checked the status on dashboard intermittently and it said the job was printing but was staying at layer 0. At 11:07 I went and saw the printer was still on the filling tank step, and no resin was coming out due to an empty cartridge. The mixer was still going back and forth. If I hadn’t aborted the print, it seems like it would have kept on indefinitely. This has happened before, where I only discovered the resin was out when I went to the back and checked the printer, seeing it’d been stuck on resin filling for hours. How long does it take for everyone else for there to be any resin level notification (if any)?

Hi @Karen2310,

Thank you for reaching out about this. The printer should time out after a certain period of trying to dispense and throw an error. Given that the printer was stuck on filling for multiple hours, I would recommend reaching out to our Support Team to narrow down whether this is a printer-specific issue.

How long is “a certain period”?

Hi @Karen2310,

Although I don’t know what the exact timeout period is, I would think that if the printer filled for longer than an hour without throwing an error it would be unusual. Support would be able to look over your printer’s diagnostic logs to check whether the resin level sensing system is working as it should.

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