Form 1+ stopped before layers were done

My 22-hour print stopped at layer 5331 of 5758 with the timer at 0:00:00. I have already submitted a help ticket, but has anyone had this problem? What was FormLabs’ solution?

Do you know if all of the layers had uploaded? I try to always have the upload finish before I start but I do not think I have ever had a print run over 15 hours.

It is very odd to have the timer run out with the layers not complete and though I think the last layer always starts at 0 time left, you have many layers to go. I have never seen a Form do that.

I think the printer adjusts the remaining time at the start of each layer. I think somewhere on the forum it is written that the Form 1 series doesn’t have an internal clock so at the start of each layer the printer re-calculates and updates the remaining time. Since the Form 2 has an internal clock the remaining time is always accurate. (FL, If I have this wrong, please correct me).

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Yes, all of the layers uploaded successfully. I saw one other problem in the forum exactly like this but Formlabs asked them to submit a help ticket and the thread was dropped.

I have had a similar problem to you @admarsh on a Form 2, albeit with better results. I have had several prints in the 22-30 hour range. I noticed on a few different prints the time left said >1 min when it really had at least an hour left. In my case the print finished regardless of the display.

of course by > 1 min I meant < 1 min :stuck_out_tongue:

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