Upload via USB and WI-FI takes hours


I’ve been using the form2 now for two weeks and managed to have some successful prints. What annoys me is that I have to wait 1h for upload via USB or WI-FI (speed is the same) for 1865 layers (stl. file size is 31.2Mb) and like 5hrs for uploading 3k+ layers (stl. file size is 57.8Mb). Is this normal?


My printer is connected over the Ethernet jack. Specifically because I figured this would be the fastest.

I don’t think the number of layers matters, it’s just the size of the file. I just uploaded a 3.5MB (it was about 500 layers). I wasn’t really paying attention, but I would say it took about 20-30 seconds. If I scale that 3.5MB to your 57.8MB (16.5x) the 30 seconds becomes 8m15s.

That is not normal. I believe typically wired Ethernet is fastest, then Wi-Fi (assuming good reception), then USB, but I’ve never heard of a few tens of MB taking so long. I would talk to our support team to hep sort things out.

Thanks for the info, I will try wired Ethernet and get back here with some info. Fortunately for me at least it works :smile:

USB 2 has a theoretical max of 480Mbps; USB 1 topped out at 12Mbps, USB 3 can go up to 10Gbps (but I’m assuming it’s USB2 on the Form 2).
100BaseT wired Ethernet 100Mbps
802.11n (2.4GHz) maxes out at 150Mbps - and there’s far more to go wrong in wireless comms than anything else.

Of the 3, I’d go for a direct connection with USB in the event of problems (especially given the higher data rates) to eliminate the network as a culprit.

I’ve never had anything take more than a few minutes even for really big complex prints

Thanks for the info. I’ve tried yesterday to upload the same file and same WI-FI using macbook AIR (with preform 2.5 and later with 2.6) and it uploaded just in a few minutes, so it has to be HP/win7 issue.

I will explore it further, but it does not look like a printer issue.

We have made some improvements in PreForm 2.6 that should make uploads faster, but this sounds way too slow to be a pure bandwidth issue (as confirmed by the fast uploads on your MacBook Air). Can you please try out 2.6, see if that helps, and then contact customer support mentioning this forum thread? We will then be able to gather more information to hopefully track the problem down.

I will test it for sure and share the info here. I am taking a two week holiday today and this test will be on the top priority list when I come back.

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