Tough Resin, rough surface?


We have a problem with the tough resin.
A small part of the surface is very trouble and rough.
It’s only with tough resin.

Anyone any idea what the problem would be?



A dirty tank can do that. Have you tried to move the part to a different location on the build platform?
Some people are having tough resin cured on the pdms layer. Check that out.



Well, we tried a different location,
but it’s still with same problem.

Will try with new build platform.
Because I can clearly see now were the part fails.
(More whiter spot on just 1 big line)



Thanks for doing a bit of troubleshooting by printing on different sections of the tank to rule out clouding as the cause. Can you upload your .form file or pictures of your setup in PreForm for this? Support points on relatively flat surfaces can cause roughness like you’re seeing.

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