Tough resin, Missing chunks

Where can I download the old version of the Preform&FW? Recently I used Gray resin material to print several times and all failed.The printed part breaks and deposits and solidifies at the bottom of the tank.At first I thought it was the cause of tank or resin, so I changed the brand new tank and tough resin. Printed three times, the first time I tested a small part and succeeded, But then two whole parts failed to print.,
first time

second time

I saw a completely similar report in the forum:“Missing chunks. Air bubbles between inner/outer walls and it turned out to be dirty glass and modeling the walls too thin too soft”
Now I am out of ideas, I’m facing an urgent printing task. I see some one solve the problem by retreating to the previous version, and I also want to try it.
BTW: my PF2.16.0 and FW are the latest versions.
any suggestions are appreciated!!

This is a link to the print file, printability check is no problem

You’ill find what you are looking for in these posts.

If you use your Form for critical work in general or if you have critical work to be done in the short term, I would advise you to not update neither preform or the printer unless you really need to (new resin not supported by older version is one reason).

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it … it’s a dangerous saying at times, but it applies in this case IMHO. Formlabs is doing a great job with updating the software capabilities of Preform and the Form2, they just don’t seem to have enough workforce or time to thoroughly vet new versions… better to let other users who can afford it to test the stuff.

If the optical path is at all dirty changing the firmware is not going to help. Check the optical window and clean if necessary

thank you for your info,I will try to print once with the old version and hope to succeed

I will print once with the old version. If the problem persists, I will check the optical path, but I am very confused about how the optical window is contaminated. This problem has really caused me to waste a lot of material and time.


Just to reiterate some of what other folks have written here; you’re obviously absolutely welcome to revert your printer back to a previous version of PreForm.

That being said, the pictures you posted above definitely point towards contamination within the optical path. If the reversion doesn’t work I would highly recommend you get in touch with our excellent support team at the link below and we’d be happy to dig into things a little further with you so we can get you back up and running ASAP with minimal lost material.

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It’s No Accident: Still failed to print,

I now proceed to check the optical path, below is a photo of the optical window I photographed, do not know if it is dirty or not,Or is the direct cause of the current print failure

But even so, after I wiped the optical window with IPA , It is Still difficult to remove

Yep, that’s dirty…

Did you have resin spilled on the glass before ? Did you clean it before ? It should definitely not be like that by default.

As for IPA it’s useful to remove the resin but it’ll still leave a veil on the glass (much lighter than what you’re showing), to get rid of that some basic glass cleaning liquid in small quantities will do the trick.

You should contact support regarding that glass anyway, they’ll help you clean it.

Yes, I think I have spilled resin on the optical window before. I just wiped it with IPA and didn’t care about it. In fact, no serious printing failures occurred Until recently, I contacted the support team. Prepare to replace the optical window

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