Missing material in part, 2 print failed first was good

I’m printing some parts and this is the second time printing the same file and now have an error in the printed part. There is missing material, a thin wall, in the center of the part. Also only in the barrel section and not the entire layer. The print was completed with no errors. No leftover material on tank film/window. Form 2 and 0.100 layer thickness.

Has anyone else seen this issue?

Installing an older version of PREFORM and using the same STL file as a test. Started after last PreForm update. Printing now. I will update once complete.

Reverted back to old PreForm version and reprinted using same STL file. Ran STL through an older version of PreForm and printed. No issues with the print. I believe this to be a PreForm issue.

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Hi @Minntronix,

Thank you so much for reporting this issue and testing an older version of Preform to see. If you could please do me a favor and open a Support Ticket (if even just to let them know what you found to be successful) they can report this internally and log the issue. By logging the issue formally in our system, this gives our Engineers better data to work with going forward.