Tough resin deform on support side


this RC car rim , print in tough resin in open mode .
why it deform on support side ?


I was also using the Tough Resin for the first time and I have to say I am deeeeeeply dissapointed in this resin. The other resins are good but this one is a flop.


The Tough Resin problem is it too soft come out of printer before post cured , so it can be deform and warping during the post cured process.


If it doesn’t have enough supports for stability then the print can flex too much during the printing process when it slides the tray to lift the print up to print the next layer.


I’ve had problems with Tough resin having big splotches where the support side is, along with motor jams, layer separation and more. It’s a damn headache and I had to fill the parts with putty to make something serviceable at the very least.


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