Hello guys i just buyed form2 everything is great but my problem is that there is sensivity on the touchscreen i need to connect it to my wifi but theres no sensivitu on the keyboard any ideas why? I tried factory reset…rebooting and unpluging

Hi @arsenag8, I would recommend submitting a support request with the Formlabs team about this. They will most likely ask you to try reseating the ribbon cable which connects your display to the rest of the printer but its always best to reach out first before diving into a step like that.

Hello trevor thanks for ure support reseating the ribbon cable means that i have to open the machine and work from the inside yes??do u have any oictures of the ribbon cable?

Hi @arsenag8, usually the approach that you took would unfreeze the touch screen, so it sounds like there might be another hardware issue. Have you submitted a support ticket through Formlabs’ website yet?

yes they told me to test it the cover up if it responds or not the touchscreen the answer is its still not responding and i dont have time for further inspections right now cz the machine is working fine without the touchscreen,maybe after 2 weeks i will make contact with the support team for further anylises

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