Tools and equipment I make

We use water-jacketed incubators for cell-culture, research projects and such. Sometimes the doctors need special devices placed inside and these usually consist of air-water lines, power cables and data cables from a laptop outside. Most incubators have a port on the back where these kinds of lines can be crossed into the incubator and you don’t have to prop the door open or drill holes for access. However blocking them up can be tricky, especially if you are trying to prevent mold growth, and promote a sterile environ.
BEHOLD! My custom Stoppers. I know, I know, nothing more cool that a block of rubber to stop air-flow. But we had 3 air-access ports, a data line and 2 power lines to operate some multi-pump systems inside. It was fun to design and for the most part, everything fits well AND doesn’t pinch off tubing. Very satisfying. Elastic 50A


How did you get on with clean support removal, excess resin washing/removal from the holes/channels and post-curing? I’ve found 50A fairly hard to deal with on those aspects given the limited cleaning time available etc.

actually, I printed them straight onto the deck, wide side down. It scrapped off the deck without issue. I think the low angle made it easy to run without supports.
As for cleaning it, I just used the Formlabs Washer, then rinsed manually with fresh IPA. I didn’t have to trim anything. Although I found the slits between the openings and the wall to be slightly narrow, and pushing a cable into the opening did cause minor damage at the edges. I modified the gaps a little wider. Overall, it came out great.

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