Kudos to formlabs

I wanted to throw some kudos to FW for creating a great machine in the Form 2. Thanks to it, we have been able to create our product (or at least be on the road to ship) in record time. The product just went live on Indieogogo:

We used the F2 almost non-stop doing things like creating test molds for silicone molding like this:

Or proofing parts that will be injection molded, like this guy:

We even used it to print stand-ins for mechanical parts (working threads and all) and even a stand-in for our printed circuit board. The materials we used the most were Tough for simulation of ABS molded parts, Clear for silicone molds (and light pipe button) and gray for mechanical part stand-ins. Thanks again Formlabs and also this community which has been invaluable.

CTO, Lady Technologies - kegg.