Too slow print Formlabs 3

In short, my printer takes too long to print, I’m talking 20 minutes per layer.
It all started after updating the Preform program.
First it happened with Wax 40, then it started happening to me with the purple one (castable wax)
There are several things that work differently.

  • The temperature sensor takes a while to update. Three hours after finishing a printing attempt, it still reads over 30°C.
  • After checking the optics, it does not fill (despite having many pieces in the tray).
  • I placed the pieces on the entire surface of the tray.
  • I tried to print several pieces with the purple resin at 0.025 microns on two occasions, both times it took forever per layer (20 or more minutes), but when printing a small piece at 0.05 microns there was no problem (it filled, even though the piece was 1 cc in volume) and heated to 32 °C because the printer started cold.
  • I thought the problem had been solved. Later and with the printer cold I tried to print the entire tray again, again slow… it didn’t fill resin, it just heated up and reached 35°C.
  • I aborted the print, took out pieces and placed them in the center, occupying just over 5 cc. It is printing, not as slow, but more than normal.
    It means I will have to make several prints of fewer pieces in order to print. I could leave a tray printing for 24 hours, but I’m afraid the machine will be damaged.
    This is a drastic change in my printing experience with this machine. I know that my resins are old, as are the tanks, but there can’t be such a drastic change from one day to the next.
    This smells very bad to me, I’m already thinking about raising money and looking for another option to print, I can’t afford to have a machine that can fail at any moment.
    I don’t know what change they have made, but the way it is working, I don’t recommend it at all.
    I hope someone from technical support can explain to me what is happening.
    Thank you.

Hi @citer ,

Thank you very much for the detailed write-up, however this looks to be a little more involved to troubleshoot and would be best served via a Support Ticket with our Services team. If you copy over this information along with the printer’s serial name, one of our agents should be able to help you get back up and printing!