Form3 prints so slowly

Recently got a Form3 and often the print time will be up to 2x as long as the estimated time given in preform. It’s frustrating when I use the printer for production pieces for my job to not know if a print will really take 20 hours or if it will take closer to 40. Sometimes the estimated time is just right but others it is just so incredibly slow. I run my form2 at the same time, sometimes with the same files and I finished a print in under 14 hours on the form2 that my form3 is now 24 hours into and only 75% finished. It was estimated at a 20 hour print on the form3
If i turn the form3 off and on again between prints, that seems to help out with the issue.
But another thing my printer does is that it thinks the resin cartridge in it is full all the time, even when it’s nearly empty.
Is it possible that there is a sensor error behind these slow print times? or that some sensor error for the resin is making slow print times which i think is already an issue people have reported even slower?

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