Form 3 Print Speeds - 2021

So I recently had to throw a print onto my Form 2 at work because my Form 3 was occupied. I can’t share the part/file because it’s confidential, but it was a 3x3 array of parts which took up the entire build plate.

I was pretty blown away to still see that the Form 2 speeds quoted ~10 hours in preform, while the Form 3 speeds quoted ~22 hours. This is all on the latest FW & Preform versions.

I used to have a Form 2 personally but I got rid of it a while after I had my Form 3 because cleanup and surface finish on the Form 3 was just so much easier/better.

Curious to know if others who are using the prints in full capacity (ie. full build plate, producing arrays of parts), still see such a large difference in print time. I usually do prototypes and one-offs but am starting to do more arrayed, full build plates and the print time is somewhat disappointing from a productivity standpoint.

Yeah, this is one of the handful of reasons I still lean toward my Form 2 for many of my prints. I also suspect it’s a factor in why they changed Preform a while back to suggest flatter orientations (less layers = shorter time).

I really hope the Form 4 has some leaps and bounds improvements in print times (while maintaining improving quality of course).

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