I want to buy form 2 or form 3 - print speed


Can someone tell me how long printing the file below will last? I am planing to buy form3 or form2 printer but preform software dont show how long printing last.
form.form (177.1 KB)


Form 3: 15 hrs 51 mins

Form 2: 7 hrs 37 mins


Thank you for answer. Why form 2 is faster then form 3?


Wish we could tell you, maybe a smaller dot size or optimization issues. At this point, I wouldn’t buy a form 3 until it’s actually an upgrade to the form 2. As of right now it’s a side grade / downgrade depending on things you print. Smaller objects, it’s a downgrade due to what seems to be overexposure causing the resin to overcure and fill in smaller holes, larger objects a side grade but also a downgrade due to longer print times.


Thank you for advice.


Out of curiosity, was that at the same layer height?


Yes, both 0.1 mm. Seemed like a huge difference…Haven’t seen that big of a difference with other materials I have done, never done Black. 3.1.2. Preform. Most up to date Form 3 firmware.