Form 3 print time is Disappointing

Disappointed with form 3. I have two form2 printers and I recently added another form3 printer. No doubt the print quality is amazing. But print time is so slow that it’s really impractical to work with it. It would have been better for me to buy two form2 printers at the same price


I agree…
Everything about the Form 3 takes longer. Uploading the Build plate, heating and print times as compared to a Form 2. The Form 3 is a more advanced printer over the Form 2 however the Print Time is definitely an big issue. I was hoping that the software updates would improve this.
Another disappointment is no on / off switch.

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When I see some write this I think; ‘Now there someone who has not updated the firmware’

I may be wrong of course…

Obviously you are wrong my Firmware is up to date.

What firmware do you use?
And do you have form2 to compare print speed?

I’ve read this on the forums, but my experience is quite the opposite. We print small quantities of small prototype parts, and they print much faster than the F2. The taller the part, the greater the difference.

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So why do you nee an Off Switch? There isn’t one on the Form2

The Form 3 firmware is 1.44, but it’s not work at the moment and waiting to be repaired.

What I have noticed is that there can be an hours difference in print times on the 3 depending on the orientation. Placing the print closer to and parallel to the mixer give the quicker print time.

By holding the button, at least the display goes off on the Form 2. I still like to turn off my displays since bad burn-in experiences 15 years or so ago, call me crazy.

that would make sense because the LPU moves quite slowly from left to right so if the long axis of your pritn is parallel to the mixer it will pritn quicker than if it is perpendicular.

Would be a nice option to shut down for weekends.

I spoke with support and they claim with the latest update the speed is the same or better on the 3. Can anyone confirm?

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All my mains electrical outlets (sockets) have switches on them

Compared to other printers I use the form 3 takes much longer. Since printing in my case is mainly a printertask for the evening and night it does not bother metoomuch. I wonder though if Formlabs expects printtime to go down with future firmware updates.

They clearly do!

Released today.

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Thank you for that. I did not know I could see a list of improvements per update.

There is no improvement in print speed, even after the latest update.
F3 is much slower.
Although F3 added 15 more layers to the same file, it doesn’t make sense to have a 6.5 hour difference
This can be seen in screenshots


Yeah I’m currently printing some parts that are 12 hours on the Form 2 bit 21 hours on the Form 3. Kind of sucks…but at least the quality on my Form 3 is getting better!

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