Why is the Form 3 still slower than the Form 2?

Exactly one year ago I posted about prints speeds of the Form 3 vs. Form 2. One year later it seems nothing has changed. Today I uploaded the same file to both printers:

Form 2: 6 hours 9 minutes
Form 3: 10 hours 23 minutes

Same material, resolution, supports, etc. (and yes firmware is up to date on both)

Curious if this what we’re stuck with.


The Form3 has to move a LPU with stepper motors to paint the X axis. The laser moves at the same speed in both X and Y on the Form2. Assuming similar exposure times for the resin, this would make the Form3 inherently slower. But that tradeoff is supposed to be compensated for by the reduce peeling forces and their distorting effects on the print, and the improved geometry of the beam path in the LPU.

Did Formlabs advertise the Form3 as being faster at some point? I don’t remember that if they did…

@tnowack Did you try the Beta Print Settings on Form 3? Those should be faster than the default print settings.

We are continuing to work on improving speed of Form 3 - it’s already significantly faster than it was 1.5 years ago, and we’re continuing to work on it to drive more speed improvements.