Wax 40 print failure

Everything started well a year and a half ago, no problems. I stopped using it for about two months, and when I resumed using it the problems began. At first, it printed only parts of the pieces. I asked on this forum and they helped me with the cleaning information. I did it and everything was back to normal until last week. It again started printing only part of the pieces, which I attributed to the fact that there could be very thin areas. But yesterday was more than that. The printing would last 4 hours, and in the third hour I had only 34 layers of printing, I left it longer, but it was useless, two hours later I was barely on layer 44, so I aborted the mission. Today I cleaned the tank, and very little solid material came out. The tank looks clean, the resin is liquid when printing (good temperature), however, with luck, it manages to print a small portion of the base of the pieces, a small part of the supports yesterday, and today not even that, after almost three hours of operation. Does anyone know what could be happening? Could it be that the resin is very old? With the purple resin there is no problem, it is only with this resin. I’d appreciate your help. Thank you!

Last night I tried to print a significant amount of parts with the purple resin and had the same problem. It took 20 minutes to print the first layer. I stopped printing, what’s wrong with my printer? Today I’ll try to print just one piece and see what happens.

Hi @citer,

Thank you for providing a detailed write-up of your experience; I would advise copy/pasting that into a Support Ticket so that one of our Service Agents can help you get back up and printing!