To print a name or a number on a part for identification

To keep track of parts as printed

Good idea!

I’ve passed along to software.


1430 days later! I guess Jory really did pass it along.


I would like to be able to number the support base. Most of my prints involve arrays of identical objects and I don’t know if there is a problem until after the parts are removed from the build platform and cleaned. Numbers on the base would help identify problems with the resin tray or optical glass.

@eaelec 2.14 introduced little text labels on the base, these labels will show the file name of your STL file. Are your STL files numbered in the way you’d like? Or do you mean you’d like to override the base label to something other than the STL file name?

gti: no that would not help. See the picture for one of my typical jobs, 9 identical truck cabs. I’d like each base numbered 1 to 9.