"Thud" on every 3rd or 4th layer

Hi Formlabs,

On my most recent print job, I started noticing a fairly pronounced jerking motion after every layer. Please take a look at the short video below. At the 0:24 second mark, you can hear the thud, and the build platform jerks upwards. This happens around every 4th layer or so.


Is this normal, or should I be concerned? The printer appears to be working fine despite the thuds. Have you seen this before? I don’t recall seeing it on earlier prints so I just wanted to make sure.


This seems normal to me. If you start seeing artifacts in your prints or your parts start detaching from supports, you should contact support and cite this video.

Great, thanks! FYI it stopped happening on the subsequent print jobs. And the part came out great.

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My Form2 does that now and then too. It’s disconcerting; but so far I haven’t noticed any problems with my prints.

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