Thought this issue had been addressed

I’m running a Form 2 with the latest Preform software. I ran a set of these chimneys yesterday and lost 8 out of 36 due to supports being too close to the parts and thus printed to them making them useless.

I can’t afford this, loosing this number of parts in a production build.

Is there some way to move the supports away from the parts?

Use the Edit support feature and place the supports where you want them, if that still positions the supports too close to the model then the only other option is to use another piece of software to either create supports manually,say using 3ds max, or a open source 3d print software that allows you to save out the file with supports as stl or obj.

Unless I missed something, FL has not addressed this yet.

As @JasonSpiller said, you may have to add supports outside of Preform.

Jason, I did that. It has nothing to do with the closeness of the vertical portion of the supports, only the placement of the point. I shouldn’t have to go to a second piece of software to have proper supports. Preform is suppose to take care of this, that’s what it’s for.

You can control the placement of supports manually in Preform set edit supports on.

I usually set the point to 0.40mm for small objects.

Alan, I know this but it has no effect on the position of the vertical supports. They are too close. The contact point needs to be located at certain places or the item won’t print.

My supports are always 0.40mm as they break off easy and leave little behind.

The reason they ARE Vertical is because the peal is vertical so the support is in strongest position

No, the peel on the Form2 is lateral. The resin tank slides to the right before the build platform lifts up. You do not want to be printing your objects completely vertically. That support that reaches up to the very top of the chimney is just swinging in the breeze for 99% of the print and only becomes “anchored” to the model near the very end of the print. A little wobble is all it takes to get it attached to the print by mistake.

The problem is likely occurring because of the choice you’re making with orientation of the model. Try laying it down at a 45º angle and you won’t have this problem and you probably won’t even need as many supports.

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I have had this problem recently too. Very frustrating. One suggestion is to put an extra support dots on the vertical face where the support unintentionally contacts your part. It will put a support post there that is easier to remove than the accidental contact. You have to sand it down but at least you can remove the support without breaking the part. This will also help with the deformation that Randy_Cohen is talking about.

Other than that, you can try different orientations, moving the support dot as far away as you can, and adding in supports manually. None of those are great, sorry.

Have you tried just angling your part a few degrees off vertical?

I see what you are saying but 45 degrees will produce too many touch points and with this brick surface too much to clean. I print 30 at a time in strips of 6 each.

I did angle the last print about 10 degrees off vertical and that worked OK. Got 30 good prints with little to any cleaning.

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