Thin walls, organic shapes

This post is to provide some recommendations when printing thin walls on non-orthogonal (organic) shapes.

You can see the challenges I was having with my part in the thread titled ‘Chronic Form 3 print failures’ here Chronic Form 3 print failures - #3 by SteamFactory

After carefully observing the layers in Preform, there were instances where, due to the direction of the surfaces, the wall sections became very thin. In these areas, the layers would fail and hence create the knock on affect of blocking subsequent layers, causing the failures shown. At least, that’s my theory. Thin walls are especially challenging with black resin.

Once I realized this seemed to be the case, I decided to add more material in these areas. I did not want to just haphazardly thicken the entire model. That would probably work, but would use a great deal of resin. Instead, I created a gridwork within the shell to add material in the areas that were failing. This worked great.

I don’t have any pics of the actual part because they all worked and I was able to ship to my customer :slight_smile:
Now, hopefully I haven’t jinxed it!

One thing I highly recommend is to use the cleaning mesh after a failure. This makes the failed resin so much easier to remove and cleans away any other spots you might miss otherwise.

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