Best way to print thin walls?

Hey guys,

I am having difficulty printing a part with thin (300 um) walls with the same distance between each wall. For some reason I was able to do this on the Form 1+ but not the Form 2. I am thinking it is an orientation issue. According to the form site, the XY resolution is around 150 um, so I wonder what I am doing wrong. I have attached a picture of the model in Preform.



in case the picture did not upload:

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Did you try orienting the walls so they run along the path of the peel / wiper?


There’s a very high chance that the gaps between the lines will get filled in due to indirect curing.

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I have not. What do you mean by path? Should I make the walls parallel to the direction the wiper goes (left to right), or perpendicular? Thanks

I would try making them parallel to the direction the wiper travels (left to right). You probably don’t need to wait for the whole print to finish to see if it helped.

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