Print Issues in X & Y plane


I have issues with my Form 2, when my print volume is wide in the X & Y direction (Horisontal surface). Printing Walls 3-4mm, vertical it seems to go much better, but the surface of the print isn’t to good as well, seems a bit “crumbled” like there is microcured Resin stuck to the surface.

Can anybody help diognosing my Form 2 printer.

Thanks in advance,
Kind Regards Frederik Voldbirk

This is most likely a broken centroid, so the printer can’t correctly calibrate the movement of the galvos. This is a failure mode we’ve seen before on form 2s, especially now that they’re getting old: the galvos are wearing out, which causes the part to stretch out more and more in those axis. You could distort the part before uploading it into PreForm to account for the galvo drift, but there’s no guarantee that it won’t do something different next print. You can a support ticket here to see if our support team has any other options.