Form 2 prints twice as wide ??

I’ve been eager to try out the Form 2 printer we have at my university, but I’ve run into some issues with the results. The miniature should have a diameter of 25mm.

As you can see in the attached pictures, my prints are roughly twice as wide on the Y axis. I’m struggling to identify the cause of this distortion, and since PreForm doesn’t offer many tools for manually adjusting pixel density to compensate for such a significant distortion, I’m at a loss for how to fix it.

Is this a common issue, or is there something wrong with the printer? I could ask my professors, but I find forums usually have more helpful people and I hope to save some time :slight_smile: . I’ve looked for answers online but haven’t found any that match my problem they usually talk about a mismatch of a couple percent while this is totally different. Just ask if I am giving too little info. Thank you in advance

This is most likely a broken centroid, so the printer can’t correctly calibrate the movement of the galvos. This is a failure mode we’ve seen before on form 2s, especially now that they’re getting old: one of the galvos is wearing out, which causes the part to stretch out more and more in that axis. You could distort the part before uploading it into PreForm to account for the galvo drift, but there’s no guarantee that it won’t do something different next print. You can a support ticket here to see if our support team has any other options.