Prints get to big


first, sorry for my english.
I have an Form 2. The printer works very well but when i print large objects(bigger than 100mm) the print gehts to big.
Example: I want to print an object that should being 100mm long. But when i measure the print after its finish the print is 101mm long.
What can i do to fix this problem?

Thank you very much.
Kind Regards

i read your topic in the past Christopher but your form file does not open any more in preform.

I also use a form 2 so not sure how applicable it is.

Is there a option to calibrate the size of the print?

Hi Markus,

we also just started printing with the Form 2 and observe slightly bigger prints.
Have you already checked if there is a difference in the x-y-z- directions?
If the the prints are isotropically bigger you could try to compensate with the scaling feature?!


Ah! Well that sucks. I will bundle the STLs then. I used .form because the supports went with it. Having the supports done right (and they needed to be manually done to do them right) is important for overall gauge integrity.

It’s exactly applicable. X&Y firmware adjustment, plus part scale. Same as F1.

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