Chronic Form 3 print failures

Wondering if anyone here may be able to help with some chronic print failures on a part. This part had been printing fine for weeks. Printed a couple dozen. Now I am unable to get a complete print. I been working with support over the last two weeks on this but still have no resolution. Here are the things I’ve tried:

New Tank (several)
multiple different orientations on the build platform
larger contact points for supports (0.7)
higher support density (110%) as well as customized, manual location of supports
careful cleaning of the roller holder/glass
careful handling of the tanks

These two images are the latest examples of failures

This is how it looks in Preform

Happy to share the .form file if someone wants to try it out.

I am a long-time Formlabs user and have seen my share of failures and catastrophes. Also well-versed in AM in general. I only say that to emphasize that I’m very familiar with the necessary elements of proper preparation. That doesn’t mean I’ve thought of everything so I’m open to ideas.

This particular model is challenging but I am perplexed because we had so much initial success. I have two Form 3, and a Form 3L. It actually prints beautifully on the 3L (until one of the LPUs failed).


Hi @SteamFactory,

Thank you for reaching out. I checked over your active support case, and it looks like some further steps are in progress involving modifying the file and trying once more with a new resin tank. Continuing to work with Support should yield the fastest resolution here.

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Thanks Jesse,
After several more failures I have taken a closer look at the model. One of your support specialists mentioned that thin walls are challenging with black material. I have made some modifications to the model and will try printing that this week.

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