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The troll king bust 12"


It s been a while that I posted anything but I was busy working on a bust when I had some free time.

I created the mesh in Zbrush, sliced it , printed the pieces, created a mold for each pieces, cast a castilene (wax) version of each part, attached all the pieces, cleaned the seams and the visible layers, created a mold from the bust in wax and cast it in resin.

My plan is create a Kickstarter soon after I managed to have few good cast made.

You can follow the project here:



Really, really nice!!! Keep going your hard work!

Oh, wow. That is just extraordinary! What fantastic photos, as well.

Very nice!
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Thanks guys for the comments.
I will post some photos of the molds when I have the time.

Hello Julien,
compliments. Really great project.
Could be possible to know more about the materials you used for casting and the whole process? It is very interesting.

Thanks for sharing and best regards,

Hey Mattia

I am more than happy to share how I did it

For few years on past sculpt attempt I used producst from or if you leave on the west Coast to reduce the cost of shipping and time delivery

I used OOMOO silicone rubber to mold the printed pieces.

Then I melt the castilene wax in a crock pot and pour it in the mold that I heated with a heat gun.

When I have all the part in Castilene put together I wanted to do a mold that I can brush on to not have a mold in 2 pieces.
I used the silicone Rebound.

The only issue with my process is castilene is fragile and after removing the final mold it damaged the parts and I will need to reworks the seams after reassembling it …hopefully the mold will last for enough copies to start a Kickstarter soon.

Would a 2 part mold have worked ? possible I just wanted to have less flashing to clean and the Rebound mold resist better to tearing than the oomoo silicone

I learn a lot from the video tutorial on that smooth on website.

I will upload some photos of the mold and in between stages soon

3d print on some clean clay ( non drying clay)

oomoo molds to cast the castilene

All the pieces together before fixing the seams.

Master mold Rebound material applied by layers with a 3 part shell maintain the mold in place and avoid distortion.


DAMN! Awesome work… great artwork and brilliant results!

Jet 8 )

Thanks a lot :wink:
maybe few more photos in few days showing multiple casting

This is really great, it turned out very nicely!
Cool process and very cool character.