3d sculpting a face

I know there is a lot of great artists on this forum who do 3d sculpting, and maybe you guys can give me some pointers.

I decided to try my hand at 3d sculpting, and I have never done any form of sculpting (3d or traditional) before, so this is my first model.

I tried z-brush, but couldn’t figure it out, it’s too complicated in my opinion, so the next best thing is Sculptris and it’s free.

I made this head without any references, and without any anatomy study, but I think it came out pretty good. Took total of 8 hours to sculpt. What do you guys think of my first attempt?

This started because I wanted to print a head model on my new form1+ and couldn’t find anything out there that I could download. Now, my question is, anyone know how to hollow the model for printing? Any suggestions of software to use?

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That is really good! Did you use a mouse or something better? Maybe you can carve the inside from the base of the neck up?

Great job Monger, you have far more patience than I do!
I know you can hollow a model with Zbrush but I’ve never managed to figure it out. I hollow models out with Geomagic Studio and its super easy with it. Checkout this thread: Hollow/Shell STL file methods?

What I haven’t figured out but really havent tried to much, is how to put a hole in an STL model so it doesnt just trap resin.
I’ve been drilling some holes when theyre done though otherwise they blowout/crack up.

@JoshK, I used a mouse for shaping and pulling, etc, but for details I use a cheap tablet ( and I hate tablets lol)

@VinceErb, Thanks. I will look at that tutorial and Geomagic. I thought of putting a sphere in the head and just pulling and pushing it into place to get the rough shape on the inside, but it’s too much work :wink:

Hi Monger,
For a first try without any reference this is really really great !!
I not saying i’m a expert in anatomy but i can give a little help for your model.
I tried to paint over it but it’s end up to be a mess and hard to understand.
What can i say, is that the overall shape is really good, only small details have to be change. Like you should give to the ear a small angle ( the shape inside is not totally correct). The commissure of the lips are not like that ( the upper lips recover the lower lips ). For the eye, you should think it’s a socket for the ball of the eye : the lower part has a small curve and the lower eyelid is bigger )
You should focus on those 2 elements because this is where humans looks when we see face. I think if you want to improve your model, anatomical references is the better way.

for hollowing a mesh zbrush is painful. I use exclusively meshmixer ( it’s free and take less than 20 sec for hollowing any kind of mesh )

@Gillesalexandre, Thanks for the great suggestions! I will make those adjustments as soon as find some free time :wink: I’ll also check out meshmixer.