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The Mega Plush Statuettes & Busts

Hi guys,

SO the main reason I bought my Form1 was to make some collectables form my animated series the Mega Plush. After I have a few of them printed over at Shapeways, I have now made a few more on my form 1. Check them out… Also they are for sale over at

The Bear and Tiger statuettes were made with shapeways, the busts were made on my form1. I then make rubber moulds and duplicate them using smooth-on urethane resins. Then paint using a mixture of spray paint and rub n buff, like the beast that i posted a while back.


wow amazing finishing touch!

Could you please teach us a little more about your technique to give that beautiful bronze effect?

Many thanks and keep up ypur great job.


Maybe I can make a video of my process, that might be cool?

I would love to see any videos you make of your process. The models, the casting, the finishing-- it all looks really awesome. It’s a plastic model that looks like cast metal sculpture of soft fabric… it’s finishing inception and you totally nailed it. I think the green tarnish on the copper is my favorite.

Thanks Matt,

a video could be really great.

Many thanks,


can you teach me how to paint it?

it look like so great!

Hi Matt,

When made with your mold product Smooth-On, you apply a product to safeguard against cure inhibition added during casting platinum silicone rubbers?


Hey Chris, No i just make the molds… I never even thought about cure inhibition, I’ve never had an issue.