The Beast


Hey guys,

I just received my Form1 last week and here is my first decent sized print out of it. It is a model i made sculpted a while back and now finally have printed.

I attached some images of the finished print as well as a few other shots of the print before painting.


Looks great! What paint did you use to finish it?


Hi Ann,

I used a product called Rub n Buff. I laid down a coat of black first then went over the high points with spanish copper and a gold colour.


Wow, awesome job! Did you sculpt it in Zbrush? Also I looked up the Rub n buff paint. I usually use acrylic paints myself but I noticed that in the description it says you just rub it on with your fingers? So is that how you applied it to your print or did you use a brush? The stand, did you get that at an Arts and Crafts store? I was actually in the process of looking to get some of those myself but I also want to get ones that have a plastic or glass dome covering to protect the delicate print along with keeping dust off it.

  • Rich


Hey Richard, Yeah i sculpted it in zbrush. And I use a brush to apply the rub n buff, as washing it off your hands is a bit of a nightmare. The stands i got online, definitely make the final thing look more professional.




The finish looks great! Thanks for sharing the rub and buff tip. It looks like there are at least 10 different colors on Amazon, so time to experiment