The Nevercuring Story


Troubleshooting post processing technique here…

I did print a large surface in clear resin with the aim of “see thru” it what it’s inside… And everything works as long as the printed piece is wet.

So next step was to sand smooth the surface and using a foam brush, apply a thin coat of clear resin to give it the permanent “crystal clear” look and see thru it. I do see thru it. The effect is insane. Only that…it never dries.

I’ve tried to UV cure it for so long now that it seems the “last layer” of clear coating never dries, its always sticky (slightly) to the touch, enough to trap dirt, dust and such if I misshandle it…

I dont own a FormCure unit, I’m using a DIY UV solution like most of you, which works fine curing many other small parts, but this large part has been curing for… idk, 10 hours in different 1h shots (basically, when I can/remember/im present to turn the UV timer on) but the surface never dries…

Any other hint besides buying the FormCure? haha


Have you tried direct sunlight?

My guess is that too much oxygen is available, which inhibits the cure. You could submerge the piece in water. That works for me. For large pieces I’ve glued together that don’t fit in a tank, I just spray the surface and keep it wet. Works with both UV and sunlight for source.

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That didnt help much on prior instances…

You keep it wet by spraying the surface while curing you mean?

No, immerge the part in distilled/deionized water (the one you put in your car will do) and turn on the heat and UV light. Undoubtedly this is going to take some time for sure, depending out the power output of your UV setup, but it should work eventually.

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