Flexible resin Sticky!

Hello! … After printing some pieces with flexible resin … I put the pieces to be washed in the Form Wash in the time of 10 minutes, soon after they left the machine I gave a little time of drying in the open air and put another 60 minutes to 60 Celsius in Form Cure … To finish put the parts again in Form Wash for 5 minutes for a final wash … Unfortunately I did not have success with these procedures, the piece remains sticky it seems that it is not cured. I put one of the pieces back into the Form Cure and left another cycle of 60 min at 60 Celsius to make sure the parts would be cured, and unfortunately with no success… Anybody can help me?

Oxygen is preventing proper reticulation of the resin under UV light. All UV resins are subject to this but this seems to be especially obvious with this resin and Elastic as well, you’re not the first one posting about it.

The solution is the same as with other resins : prevent oxygen from reaching the surface, while not blocking UV light. You can try this easily by putting your part in water and put it all in the Cure.

Wicked engineering has a dedicated product which some have reported using with success :

I do not use it but I sure will consider this if I have to print small, very intricate parts with critical surface quality.


Perfect! I did a little test placing the piece inside a glass with water this morning and I put 60 minutes to 60 Celcius in the Form Cure, the piece came out dry… I’ll ask for a bottle of this gel that you indicated above to see if I have results better, but this way that left the machine already meets my need! Thanks a lot for the help.

By the way, you don’t need to keep it in the water very long, the goal is only to cure the outside surface which will take less than 10 minutes, so if you like you can take it out of the water after a little bit to finish curing so that it can cure all the way through.

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