Flexible surface viscosity


hi friend
My flexible 80A model surface still had viscosity after cleaning and curing . It feels like tape . Do you have this situation and the solution? THX


How did you cure it?


Hi Randy
Because it make touch effect . flexible 80A surface is still a little sticky After cleaning .

I want to know if there is some solution? THX


Hello @leonlin!

I think what Randy’s asking is can you tell us specifically what you did to wash and cure these particular parts? How long in the wash, how clean was your IPA, etc.

Once we have that info we might be able to offer some more specific advice! :slight_smile:


I think the flexible resin might need to be post-cured under water. The stickiness on the surface won’t go away until the resin on the surface is fully cured, and it doesn’t cure if it’s exposed to Oxygen. I’m too lazy to go read the Flexible 80 use instructions to confirm. But a few years ago with an earlier version of Formlabs Flexible, this was the required method - under water. I built a UV curing “jar” out of a clear plastic container with UV LEDs wrapped around the outside facing in, so I could cure Flexible by filling the jar with water or cure other resins “dry”.


Oh, I misunderstood what Randy’s meant.I washed it with 95% alcohol for about 15 minutes instead IPA。:disappointed_relieved:


oh ,THX. I will try to deal with it. :handshake: