Flexible Sample Tacky

I received a sample of Flexible today it is extremely tacky to the touch. That can’t be normal. I going to put it under the lights for a bit.

I think Flexible needs to be underwater to cure. Oxygen in the air prevents curing at the surface. Plain old lights won’t do a good job of it. At least, the last time I used Flexible, which was probably over 1.5 years ago… haven’t paid attention to if the formulation has changed but I don’t think it has.

Flexible Resin does tend to be good for applications where high surface friction is necessary but shouldn’t be excessively tacky to the touch. Post-curing by leaving it in the sun for a while should help to eliminate any uncured resin but if that doesn’t work, get in touch so that we can look into getting a replacement sample sent out.

I’ve got a sample that’s very tacky, and a friend got a second sample that’s only slightly less so. Neither is acceptable as dirt and dust adhere to the surface and can’t be wiped off. I filled out an inquiry on the website but have only received a template email in response. If the mfg can’t get it right on their samples, I don’t have high hopes that new users will be successful.

If it’s like that and dust is sticking to it, then you should be able to clean it with IPA, and then to get rid of the tackiness submerge it in water and put it under UV light/sun to cure for like 5 minutes and it should be fine.

Flexible will allow things to stick as compared to other materials but it shouldn’t be noticeably tacky to the touch. I’ve forwarded this thread to our print production team so that we can ensure that each of the Flexible Resin samples are being fully cured. Leaving out in the sunlight will help to polymerize any uncured resin.

All set. I put it under the lights for an hour and it is fine. Thank you

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