Castable resin, surface is sticky

Hi All,
As the topic.
How to solve this problem?

put it under a uv light?

Thanks Marcus,
I treated uv lamp 8 hours.
The surface is still tacky.

apparently spraying cartable resin prints with hair spray is something that helps cure the surface. I haven’t tried this yet but will be experimenting with in the next few days! I will be putting up a big write up with lots of pictures and information.

@MAREK_WIELICKI — how are you cleaning your parts to begin with? Have you taken a look at this support article that makes some suggestions.

I can not cover paint, because it is a resin casting.
Damage the paint.

I did everything as the manual

Does anyone have experience with this resin?

I have been using it for the past week and have 2 years of experience with using resins from rival jewellery based printers such as envision tec, viper and wax based solidscape printers. The first casts I did were 50% great 50% unuseable. I am sure it will work fine once the proper procedure will work.

Spraying the print with hair spray won’t damage the resin so long as it is similar to the other castable resins which it appears to be so far. It simply seals the surface to remove the slight tacky feel they have. It works well with the envision tec resin and the viper resin.

Thank you, tomorrow I will repeat the procedure.
I’ll see what will be the result.

Spraying the prints with hairspray? I wouldn’t do anything like that. The tacky surface doesn’t hurt the casting. But you can get rid of it by curing under the sun for a day. A stronger UV oven should get rid of the tackiness if left in there long enough.

People who cast envisiontec resins had to do things like this because of issues casting their resins. The formlabs resin casts perfectly like wax, you don’t need to spray it with anything, or dip it into anything, or do any voodoo spells.


Can we do the voodoo spells anyway? :wink:

I’m a jewelry designer & own a form2. do you know which version of castable resin is better?