Formcure question

I just received my Formwash and cure. A bit annoyed there is no off and on button for these.

Anyway i washed and cured some small parts printed in clear resin.there were still a couple of areas of uncured resin on the parts. I used the 20 min wash and 60mins at 60c cure.Can I run the parts through Cure again or are my setting incorrect for clear resin?

You could run the parts through Cure again, but it may not solve the tackiness. You always want to make sure that all of the uncured resin is washed off before you move the parts to Cure.

Cure settings are here

I did put the parts through the Formwash first.Can I rewash the parts now they have gone through the Cure and then cure them again?

You can, though I have had mixed success with that strategy.

thanks for your replies so far.

I have a new batch of parts to wash and cure tonight.I will make sure all the sticky resin is off the parts before I put them in the cure oven and see what happens.

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