The Form1 Print Problem

I got the Form 1 Not Form 1+
Yes ,is a Old machine .
But is new.Just open box
I try to print the circle round parts
But print out is not circle.
Like a ellipse…

How to solve this problem?


Can you show the orientation of the model in PreForm?

Yes, Can Show


I try to post more photo
show the problem.
I hope is a software problem
I want round but print out is oval…


You need to show us how the model is being positioned and supported in PreForm. Post a screen grab from PreForm for this print file…

Here is a positioned


I try to send more photo

I want print one Circle film
But Print out is Oval

I thinks is a X/Y scale
Buy How to fix it?


PreForm has a function that will automatically position the model (rotating to different angles) and another function that creates supports to hold the object while it’s being printed. It does not look to me like you have used either of these features, and that you are trying to print directly on the build platform like you would do with a FDM printer.

Your problem is probably due to the way you’re trying to print these models. Let PreForm position the object and let PreForm generate supports for the object.

There is a tutorial on using PreForm someplace in the FL support area, I recommend you locate and view that tutorial.

What you should be seeing is something that looks more like this:

The 2.9% scaling, is that to attempt to round out your part or was it changed in error?

This is where you would change the scale to get more accurate parts. If the machine is too far out of spec, you will not be able to adjust the settings enough.

As @Randy_Cohen pointed out, you are more likely to get more accurate parts positioning them as he showed but you should get parts closer to round positioning them as you did.

I set to X -4.00 Y +4.00 and scale to 1.05
Now print out is OK.
But the Z also some deformed.not too to set Z scale?


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