Sudden deformation of prints

A new issue recently arose. I’ve attempted two sets of prints with white and grey resin. Both resins were put into new resin tanks. After printing the first set in white at .025 mm the prints came out oblong and oval in shape when they should have been perfectly round. I attempted to print again with the grey resin and came across the same issue. I tightened the build platform and made sure it wasn’t shucking during the build process. I ran a test piece at .1 mm in grey and still have the same issues. No fine tuning was done in PreForm either. All settings are default.

I have an open ticket that I am awaiting a response on, but am hoping for some insight as to what could have suddenly caused this.

I am now thinking it was a software issue. I updated and ran a test print provided by Formlabs and no issue. I am running one of my test prints and will see if everything is good to go.

Jason, glad to hear the update may have solved the problem. If not, our support team will take good care of you!


It doesn’t seem that the update worked. I printed my own test geometry, a simple gasket shape, and it printed as an oval rather than circular.

I see that fine tuning is enabled and the z offset is 0 mm. Should I be seeing a warning if the setting is default?

The Z offset will not hurt or fix what you are seeing. The x and y scaling would be where I would start but looking at the oval-circle, I would update your support ticket and continue to work with them. That oval is really off from a perfect circle.

Good luck.


I am seeing that the elongation is always in the same direction. The prints are always longer in the direction of the front and back of the unit, never towards the hinge side.

Maybe printing the calibration object here and using the calculator spreadsheet might help.

Thanks. I am currently printing the calibration object.

I am not really getting anywhere dealing with Formlabs. I’ve already lost 3 days trying to figure out what the sudden issue is, not to mention the material I am wasting.

As the build progresses, I can see that portions of the print protrude off of the build platform and the entire print is slanted. Something is definitely wrong.

Jason, it sounds like there could be an issue with the galvos on your unit. This would be something covered by your warranty and once Melinda is able to confirm the problem…she can take next steps to resolve the issue for you.


I have tried to get in contact with her numerous times today with no response.

You can see that the test print did not print on the platform as it appeared within PreForm.

Jason, I’ll make sure to touch base with her…please note that make our best effort to get back to everyone as quickly as possible.

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