Grey Resin errors

There is a problem I have been facing with Grey resin for a long time. If you are facing the same problem, I would like you to help me. The parts of the parts I print are 0.30 mm or 0.40 mm larger than the parts I support. I have tried all kinds of ways but I could not find a solution. (angled printing, changing direction, etc.) Please, if you have any information, I would like you to help me.

Hey @sedat , thank you so much for getting touch about this issue! So sorry you’re running into issues, and this is certainly a frustrating one!

The quickest way to get your printer back up and running again will be to contact our amazing services team here where you can share more context of your problem and they’d be happy to get back to you as soon as possible to get this sorted.


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Yes, it is definitely a very frustrating situation. And the longer you don’t find a solution, the worse it feels. I haven’t had such a problem with other resins, but Grey resin has become troublesome. I will contact support as soon as possible. Thank you for your attention

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