Circular printed parts are deformed

Hi Guys,

I got my Form 1+ printer since a month or two. Did a lot of testing and printing. But i am still struggling with a circular deformed print. What ever the parts i tried to print, wish is a circular shape, always print deformed as “Oval”.
I put some screen shots of my Preform setup for my last printout, and the print result!

(** I have open several ticket with the support and they all finished by “angle alignment”) I did tried face to hinge, face to front, face to back… and so on with different angle from 30 to 45 degrees and always same results. Deformed shape!

If you have any ideas… that will be appreciated.

I would print a small cube flat on the build platform. Then measure it. You will be able to see which dimension is skewed. Then use the fine tuning to get the x and y scaling accurate. Then you can re-print and your part should be much more accurate.

When you print the cube flat on the build platform, the Z will be compressed so don’t worry about that. First I would worry about how far out of accurate your printer is and which dimension is the issue.

If you search the forum, you will find a few threads on this with a much more in-depth process of testing and correcting slight inaccuracies.

I print parts on my F1+ all the time and don’t have any issues with dimensions.
I did notice that your mirrors might be dirty because the prints don’t look all that sharp or you need to change your tank.

For that part I would rotate it more so the resin can flow off the back faster and not want to settle.
In post cleaning, if your using IPA you may want to keep the supports on until the part is fully cleaned and cured. This will reduce any distortion and warping.

I personally use a water based system here.

Seconding @DavidRosenfeld’s advice of printing a test cube and then measuring the dimensions. Printing a small cube parallel to the platform but still supported might be preferable to printing it directly on the platform. This will ensure that compression for the first layers doesn’t skew any of the measurements. If you post the X and Y dimensions of the cube, that should give us an idea for whether the part is stretching in the Z axis (I don’t think we’ve seen much of this) or being skewed in the X or Y. The Form 2 does include a tool for tuning and X and Y axis if need be.

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