Texturing used build platforms

After several prints and cleanings, the sand texture that originally was on my build platform is mostly scrubbed away. At $100 a pop I don’t want to have to replace it, but I think as the texture is removed, the prints will not adhere as well to the platform and may cause peel problems. I was going to try sand blasting the surface of the platform to restore the original texture but wondered if anyone else has already done this. If so, what type and grit media was used for best results?

Don’t bother with that. I just have one print platform and its old, warped and very very scratched due to my heavy scrapping with the spatula. It still works fine. I tend to clean it with IPA just before I assemble it back on the printer, just before a print. But be careful not to contaminate the resin with IPA

60-80 grit sand paper will do the trick. Give it a nice tooth. You should be all set.

Be sure to clean off all the sanded resin and aluminum. It will take a bit of IPA to get the paper towel to wipe clean.

I had problems with adhesion as well so I used steel wool and scotch-brite to clean up the platform. I was a little concerned that the surface would be too much polished but it works great! Even the flexible resin.