Terrible stepped surface and some areas full of resin

Just had a horrible print after about 9 hours come off my Form2. Worst result I have received to date. Everything looks fine until about layer 250 of an 1100 layer 100micron print. Standard grey v4 with gently used extended life resin vat. Above layer 250 or so the print starts to develop soft detail and then a rather pronounced step effect. There where very well defined registration sockets that got filled with resin and cured. I will try and add a few pictures.

Looks like a catastrophic optical issue. I’d say either a huge puff of dust or something just got onto the galvo mirrors (or somewhere else along the path of the laser), or your laser crapped out mid-print. I’d definitely contact formlabs’ support team for this issues… they might try to have you print something with another resin so you will probably gain a few hours of troubleshooting if you can 1/ reproduce the error with the same print (or the butterfly test print from Formlabs) and/or 2/ reproduce the error with a different file and a different resin.

The weird thing is that I had just finished a very successful 30hr print just prior to this. Everything on that model turned out beautifully. I have contacted support and we will see what they say. I will keep this posted updated on what we discover.

I added a capture of the FORM file showing what the registration hole was meant to print as for reference.

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