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Tapered Pillar Supports?

I have seen several instances of people sharing images that have tapered pillar supports. For instance the PreForm screenshots in this thread.

According to the Release Note log, it was introduced in PreForm 2.5.0. I am running the current version (2.10.1) and I have never seen it create tapered pillars in the current version or any of the previous versions I have used.

Is it a bug? Or do they have to be enabled some way?

The supports you are referring to are for the Form 1.
They are optimized for the different peel processes.

I see, thanks for the explanation.

I would really like to see this as an option for us Form 2 users. I am often printing structures as tall 150-170mm and they often could use more shear strength at those heights.

Funny that you want that as an option for the Form 2. I recently opened a support ticket asking for the Form 2 supports being an option for the Form 1 as the very thin pillars would be most appropriate for some of the really small delicate models that I sometimes print.


Well, options are good to have both ways! In fact, it would be nice to be able to specify the pillar radius at the top and bottom too.

Although, since the pillars get smaller towards the tip, other than saving resin, why do you think thin pillars would work better for small delicate objects? Just curious.

I have had a few models where they are really tiny and the grouping of 3 supports with large supports (where the part begins to form) I can’t get my cutters in there to cleanly remove the supports from the parts. It is rare, but it does happen. It is even difficult to get an xacto blade in there to slice the support tips off. If I remember, I can just raise the model by 1 or 2mm and I the tight quarters becomes less of an issue.

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