Tall Support on Hinge Side - Labels on platform

From the help file,

Tall Supports on Hinge Side
If printing a larger part at an angle, it is good practice to position the taller supports on the hinge side. In PreForm’s default view, the hinge side is the right side of the build platform. It is labeled “HINGE SIDE” in the “Layout” view.

Could it be possible to have the labeling that indicates hinge and front to be always permanent on preform?

Also, I am thinking this recommendation is based on the peeling action of the machine. Taller supported pieces on the hinge side means that platform is not pulling on tall structures. - correct me if I am wrong.


I think you are right Cesar.

I too find this part a bit confusing, since the labels appear and disappear depending on what mode you are in.

Also, I’ve been confused about the nomenclature vs the orientation. I believe what we see in the layout mode (where the labels show up) is the bottom-up view of the build platform. But in that orientation, I have to think a bit about what that hinge label matches up to when viewing the printer from above… it is not complicated, but not quite what I thought at first. Not sure i have a better suggestion for how to make it clearer. But I would agree that labels all the time would seem to have no downside.

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Another thing that is confusing, and possibly a little contradicting, is the images right after the “Tall Supports on Hinge Side” section. Assuming the model is being looked at from the front (because we can’t tell, your point exactly @Cesar_Rullier), the tall supports are on the non-hinge side. You would think that they would orient the tall supports accordingly after JUST telling you, to show a representation for that which they did not show in the “Tall Supports on Hinge Side” section. Now, if they are viewing the model from behind, well then I’m just ranting…but we’ll never know!

@geobot3d, you’re correct. looking at the front of the printer, the hinge is on the left side.