Preform labeling of location wrong?

Perhaps I am not understanding this, but when we open Preform 1.1 and go to a Layout view, “Front” is marked to the Left of the build platform and “Hinge Side” is marked at the bottom (South quadrant).  Should the “Hinge Side” not be marked to the Right of the build platform (East quadrant)?  We’re understanding “hinge Side” to mean the hinge of the lid, unless this is referring to the ‘hinge’ of the mechanism that hinges the tray internally?  (see attached photo)

A response from Rachel at Formlabs reads:


Thank you for writing in about this. After my colleague and I stared at PreForm and
an operating Form 1 for several moments, we concluded that the labeling in PreForm
is in fact accurate (yeah, it took us awhile). The layout in PreForm is
nonintuitive, but it is correctly labeled. The “front” of the build platform
corresponds to the left side of the PreForm grid, meaning that the hinge side
corresponds to the bottom of the PreForm grid.

I hope this makes sense!


It means the hinge of the resin tank, not the cover. This helps in the placement and orientation of your models. When placed closer to the hinge side away from the greater peel force prints tend to be more successful. It’s also best to angle your model away from the peel side. So yes it is correctly labeled.

Thank you for the clarification Vince!

No problem! I know it is all clear as mud sometimes! I have little pictures hanging up, that someone on here made, that help me keep it straight when orienting my models and that has helped me alot.