Preform 1.1 Released

Lets see what’s improved?

They added the HINGE SIDE label and the FRONT label on the build platform view.

Just out of curiosity… Wouldn’t that really be the Peel Side and the Hinge would be on the LEFT when looking at the front?

never mind i forget that the build platform is facing downward!! HA

You’re sort’ve looking _through _the build platform, as the printing process is inverted (and the view in PreForm is not).

Hm… I have sort of updated but still doesn’t see those labels (not that i wouldn’t learn to see them everywhere anyway by now :smiley: ). Should anything be turned on to see it? :(( doh…

Screenshot to prove it:

they are not always visible… if you click the layout button to position your part they will appear. :slight_smile: