Preform Anomaly?

Wondering if I’m misunderstanding or there is problem on my system…

Hinge Side is at the left  and the FRONT should be opposite what is depicted in PreForm…

Is the hinge the side that lowers??? Doesn’t make sense to me…

Please see attached screenshot.

Thank you.


The hinge side is the one that doesn’t lower, that side that lowers is what we refer to as the peel side. Front is the front of the printer and is correctly labeled, remember its upside down in the printer.

If you imagine you are about 4" tall, and standing on the back edge of the tray with your back to the z-axis tower and looking up at the build platform that’s over your head, that’s the view in PreForm :smile:

The lack of an XYZ widget in the lower left screen corner, ala literally every CAD program in the world, makes understanding orientation difficult. Ideally, there are RGB lines always through the active part as well, again like most CAD programs we’re used to. Also, why ‘hinge’ and ‘front’ are not always visible on the grid is odd - and would be very helpful.